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SKU: 17041

Features “Reverse-Grip” technology and graduated barbs to provide a secure hold on most standard sized drainage or extension tubing. May be used to connect Uro-Con or Uro-Cath male external catheters, Foley indwelling catheters and reusable or disposable urinary drainage bags, bottles or other urinary and ostomy appliances. SPECIFICATION DESCRIPTION CONTENTS 10 Large Catheter Connectors SIZE 0.38" O.D. x 3" long (9mm Ø x 8cm) CAPACITY N/A STERILITY NON-STERILE LATEX CONTENT Latex-Free OTHER Polypropylene, White-Silicone SOLD Box (BX)/10 Connectors per box PACKAGE SIZE 3.18" x 1.56" x 4" WEIGHT 0.14 lbs. (0.06 Kg)