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All the advantages of a one-piece system, such as an ultra slim profile and flexible wafer, with all the convenience of a two-piece system: its unique ‘docking system’ and skin-friendly flange makes pouch changes so much easier. Soft and Flexible – Low-profile flanges are soft and flexible, and available in a choice of sizes and either standard or hydrocolloid surround. Skin Friendly – Reduces skin trauma caused by frequent changes. Strong – Strong yet repositionable adhesive between pouch and flange affords extra security and peace of mind. Easy Application – A locator on the wafer matches up with a notch on the pouch for simple, accurate positioning every time. Softer, Lighter Pouch – Lightweight fabric and beige colour makes it even more discreet when worn. Slim Profile – A two-piece system that is every bit as slim and discreet as a one-piece, so you can wear what you like, when you like. Anatomically Shaped – For extra comfort and freedom of movement.