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Leukomed T Plus Waterproof Adhesive Transparent Sterile Dressing with Absorbent Pad-Hospital Pack Leukomed T Plus is a sterile, breathable waterproof, transparent film dressing with a highly absorbent wound pad for secreting wounds. Indications -Post surgical dressing to protect wounds -Fragile at-risk skin -Moderate to heavy drainage wounds -Acute wounds ie. Cuts, burns and abrasions -Chronic wounds Features and benefits -Easy to apply with the unique red stripe system -Rounded edges prevent dressing from curling up -Waterproof and bacteria proof -Permeable to water vapor and oxygen -Convenient, all-in-one sterile dressing -Good absorption capacity -Non-adherent layer prevents wound pad from sticking to wound -Provides moist wound environment to enhance healing -Sterile -Latex free