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Regular Strength LACTAID Tablets If you get gas, bloating or diarrhea from milk or other dairy foods, it could be due to the milk sugar, lactose. Regular Strength LACTAID Tablets contain lactase enzyme that breaks down the lactose into easily digested sugars to prevent uncomfortable symptoms. Each Regular Strength LACTAID Tablet contains 3000 Food Chemical Codex Lactase Units (FCCLU). Available in packages of 100 tablets. Directions for Use Swallow or chew tablets just before eating any food containing lactose. The amount of Regular Strength LACTAID you need depends on the amount of lactose in the food you eat. Start with three (3) tablets and adjust up or down to find your own personal need. Six (6) tablets at any one time should prevent the symptoms caused by lactose intolerance. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor. Caution Do not use if you have had a reaction to any LACTAID product. Keep away from heat. Do not refrigerate Regular Strength LACTAID Tablets. Individuals with diabetes should be aware that the milk sugar will now be metabolically available and must be taken into account (25 g of glucose and 25 g of galactose per litre of milk). No drug interactions reported.