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This brush is made with durable, white-nylon bristles and a malleable, twisted, stainless-steel wire body. It may be shaped to fit almost any contour and is especially good for removing uric crystal build-ups from within urinary and ostomy appliances May be used with Urocare reusable Latex urinary leg bags, Urocare Urinary Drainage Bottle, Urocare Male Urinal Systems, Urocare Male Urinal Kits or any other urinary or ostomy appliance that has small parts, tight corners, small holes and other hard to reach areas that need periodic brushing to loosen calcium and uric crystal build-ups. This product contains no parts made from latex Rinsing alone does not clean a urinary or ostomy appliance and the use of vinegar, bleaches or toilet bowl cleaners only hardens, distorts and damages rubber, latex and plastic parts—not to mention the unpleasant and embarrassing odors often created by the use of these chemicals. SPECIFICATION DESCRIPTION ITEM/REF # 7003 CONTENTS 1 Brush with cone-shaped bristles SIZE Brush: 0.75" O.D. x 8" (1.9cm Ø x 20cm) Bristles: 0.25" O.D. x 0.75" O.D. x 3.38" Bristles: (0.6cm Ø x 1.9cm Ø x 8.6cm) CAPACITY Maximum reach 7.25" (18cm) STERILITY NON-STERILE LATEX CONTENT Latex-Free OTHER Wire body: Stainless-Steal Bristles: White Nylon SOLD Each (EA)/1 Brush per package PACKAGE SIZE 2" x 10" x 0.75" WEIGHT 0.02 lbs. (0.01 Kg) Urocare recommends the use of Urolux urinary and ostomy appliance cleanser and deodorant to clean latex/rubber urinary drainage bags and bottles, male urinal sheaths, drainage/extension tubing or any other reusable urinary or ostomy appliance—for more information click here.